Backup manual outlook 2007 autocomplete cache keeps clearing

Howto disable and clear autocomplete cache in outlook 2010. How to back up or copy an outlook autocomplete list. How to restore your auto complete address in outlook 2007. Now a dialog box comes out and asks for your confirmation of emptying. Newer versions office 2007 the method to copy your autocomplete list from one computer to another. Another reason to delete cached files is if autocomplete data or other. Information about the outlook autocomplete list microsoft support.

That should import the name cache from an older version of outlook into outlook 2010. This is important because your autocomplete cache is being saved when you close outlook. Instructions in this article apply to outlook 2019, outlook 2016. If issue persists create new outlook profile and check if this helps. Clear the autocomplete cache using the file, options, mail, empty autocomplete list button. Back up or copy that file elsewhere if you want to keep the list or use it on a different computer. If you replace the nk2 file at another computer, replace the original by. Microsoft office outlook 2007 and earlier versions store the autocomplete list in an. If it didnt open or you cant open it manually, then you need to create a new. For example, if you are upgrading to a new computer and dont want to lose all the information stored in the autocomplete list, you can copy the names and email addresses from your old computer to your new computer.

When i was still using outlook 2007, i could back up my autocomplete cache by copying the nk2file and then reuse it on another computer. Heres how to clear the auto complete cache in outlook 2010. Howto clear the outlook email address auto complete cache. Instructions are at outlook doesnt save autocomplete. Nk2 file you need to mess with like back in the outlook 2003. Backing up and restoring the autocomplete cache of outlook.

Accept any dialog prompts to get to the main window of mfcmapi. How to back up or copy an outlook autocomplete list lifewire. This lets you clean up the autocomplete suggestions like in outlook 2007. Clear the outlook cache if old data remains after you delete it, something that may happen when you remove and reinstall outlook addins. Import or copy the autocomplete list to another computer. For clearing all autocomplete cache in microsoft outlook, please do as follows.

Outlook 2003 and outlook 2007 to delete the autocomplete list in outlook 2003 and outlook 2007, you must manually delete the. Back up the cache files so that you can restore the files if something goes wrong. Howto clear the outlook email address autocomplete cache. You can also use the cleanautocompletecache switch to clear the cache. Click organize, and then click folder and search options.

Has anyone experienced where outlook is keeping this old email address info. The outlook autocomplete list stores recently typed email addresses. Backing up and restoring the autocomplete cache of outlook 2010. Click file options to open the outlook options dialog box. Removing the cache in outlook wont delete emails, contacts, or other useful information which you may want to keep. How to clear the outlook autocomplete cache in outlook 2010, outlook 2007 and outlook 2003 and remove old email addresses from your nk2. How do you clear the autocomplete cache in outlook 2007. If you have used outlook for years, then your autocomplete database. Old, copy the name and create new but after testing, it does not. In the outlook options dialog box, please click mai l in the left bar. In the outlook folder, find your autocomplete list. Under send messages, click empty autocomplete list. Refer to this microsoft article kb 287623 and verify the results. When you are inside outlook begin to type in the email address that you want deleted from the autocomplete cache in outlook until it shows up.

How to back up your outlook autocomplete list outlook keeps most of your essential data in a pst file, like your email messages, contacts list, and calendar items. Clear the outlook cache if old data remains after you delete it, something that. Outlook keeps almost all of your data in a special personal folder file. Try clearing the auto complete cache once and check if this helps to resolve the issue.

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